Bike of the day: Yamaha MT-09

Check out this smart example of Yamaha's popular MT-09

Bike of the day: Yamaha MT-09

WITH the launch of the MT-09 SP looming later this week, it’s only right to take a look at the base model – an excellent bike in its own right.

Launched back in 2013, the MT-09 boasts a fun 847cc inline triple, which makes 115hp.

With a lightweight, die cast aluminium frame and a low seat, the 188kg machine is extremely accessible and so is a favourite among both new and experienced riders.

It’s known for its versatility – the bike is as at home on the daily commute as it is touring or stunting.

Check out this stunning low-mileage, 2014 model for just £5.495.

How it’s described:

‘Here we have the one and only MT09 finished in Deep Armour, best colour, 6800 miles only, gold forks, and totally un-molested. Standard trim, really great bike with 3 power modes.

‘This bike has undergone a check over and valet. Prior to the next owner this bike will go through the workshop and be tested rigorously, oils, lubricants, electrics, brakes, tyres, etc.’

What we think:

‘While ‘un-molested’ is arguably not the best way to describe a standard motorbike, there’s no denying that this is a belter.

‘With just 6,800 miles on the clock, and costing less than £5,500, this is a low cost way to get your hands on a smart example of Yamaha’s fun, fast and frugal MT-09.

‘Whether you plan to commute, tour or take up stunt riding, the MT-09 is an ideal machine,  and with this attractive paint scheme, you’ll do so in style.’