Bentley driver gets 56 day ban. Biker gets 12 months jail

We bikers are fair and balaced. It seems the justice system isn't

A BENTLEY driver who was busted for speeding at 138mph on the M6 has been given a 56-day driving ban, just a month after a biker who was caught doing 139mph has been jailed for a year.

David Boothman, who comes from the Isle of Man, bought the 2-tonne Bentley as a 60th birthday present to himself and his barrister claims that because he lives on the Isle of Man where they don't have speed limits on their best roads, we should be able to understand how he could find himself doing almost double the limit on the M6 - one of our worst roads.

However, David Saxby, 40, was caught by Humberside police doing 139mph on his motorcycle earlier in the year and jailed for 12 months last month for dangerous driving.

So there you have it. Our justice system is clearly fair..