Bell announces ‘smart’ helmet with 360-degree video camera

New Bell helmet can record 360-degree video and will warn riders of potential dangers

WITH more riders choosing to record their rides, it was only a matter of time before someone made a helmet that includes an integrated camera and it seems like Bell has gotten there first with the Star with 360Fly, which it's just unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The Star with 360Fly, which will be on sale at the end of the year, is based on Bell’s existing Star helmet and has a detachable 360-degree 4k video camera made by 360Fly, which is integrated into the top of the shell.

The camera features built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, which will allow users to live-stream video and wirelessly transfer files to a computer or other device. It's also equipped with a GPS sensor for geotagging locations, plus a barometer/altimeter and accelerometer to gather additional information to supplement video footage. The battery will last a claimed two hours.

Interestingly Bell’s parent company BRG Sport says the new helmet will have collision avoidance alerts that inform the rider of potential oncoming dangers that are outside his/her field of vision. Bell hasn’t gone into any depth to explain how this system will work but has said that it will be tested over the coming months prior to the helmet going on sale.

It’s too early for a price but seeing as the Bell Star Carbon costs £499.99 and the 360Fly costs over £400, it’s a likely to be an expensive lid.

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