Anglesey SHOCKS by banning electric vehicles from track days

Anglesey looks to be the first UK circuit to outlaw any EV or hybrid vehicle from taking part in a track day, two operators have said

Anglesey EV trackway ban

With the government pushing electric vehicles more and more, the use of them (on the four-wheeled side anyway) is becoming more commonplace. And as with those driving petrol-powered vehicles, some EV owners are likely to want to test their latest motor on some of the UK’s many racer tracks and motorsport venues. 

One venue they won’t be able to visit in 2024 is Anglesey, as Trac Môn has seemingly outlawed all EVs and hybrid vehicles, meaning cars, bikes, trikes and anything else from taking part in events at the venue. 

Opentrack Track Days posted the following on its Facebook account:

**Important Notice Regarding Anglesey Circuit** 

Anglesey Circuit will no longer accept Electric Cars on track days be they Hybrid Cars or Pure Electric Cars.

We have also put this in the Important Information section before you pay for your day but If you turn up in anything other than an I.C.E. (Internal Combustion Engine) Car you will not be allowed on the track I am afraid.

This is a Circuit decision.

Regards Dave.

The message from No Limits only refers to cars, but the well-known UK bike track day organiser, No Limits Track Days, has made it clear that it also applies to bikes. The statement on No Limits’ social media reads:

Although we've only ever had a handful of electric/hybrid motorcycles book a trackday, it is getting less of a rare event, so not as much as a spectacle.

The trend of owning EVs is undoubtedly set to gain popularity as the subject is being heavily driven by political pressure and possibly backhanders, so manufacturers are working flat out so as not to be left behind.

A point I wish to clarify, No EVs or hybrid bikes are permitted at Anglesey Circuit.

Only good old internal combustion and petroleum spirit as the almighty above intended

The reason behind the decision isn’t clear at the moment, although safety could be a prime factor. Evidence suggests that EVs are less likely to catch fire than vehicles powered by internal combustion, however, battery fires can be extremely difficult to put out. This could be a bit of a concern for circuit owners and track day organisers.

We’ve reached out to Anglesey Circuit organisers for a bit more information, and we’ll update this page when we have it.

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