Alpinestars celebrates 60th anniversary with Keanu Reeves

The 60th anniversary celebrations for Alpinestars are continuing this weekend with the release of a short film narrated by Keanu Reeves.

Jorge Martin, 2023 MotoGP Indian Grand Prix. - Gold and Goose

You may have noticed over the past week or two that racers sponsored by Alpinestars have all been wearing the same or similar designs on their riding gear. 

Last weekend, at the MotoGP Indian Grand Prix, Jorge Martin wore a special boot design. This design was identical to that worn by Axel Bassani at the Aragon round of WorldSBK that took place on the same weekend. Also that same weekend, the factory Yamaha MXGP team of Jeremy Seewer, Glenn Coldenhoff, and Maxime Renaux all wore matching red-and-white kit at the season-ending MXGP of Great Britain at Matterley Basin; and, over the pond (and quite a bit of land) in California, Jett Lawrence wore the same design as he clinched the inaugural 450 SuperMotocross World Championship title at the LA Coliseum.

The reason for the coordination between so many of Alpinestars’ athletes (a list which extends beyond those aforementioned) is the celebration of the company’s 60th anniversary.

One week later - this weekend - when MXGP and SMX are finished, when MotoGP is in Japan, and when WorldSBK is in the Algarve, Alpinestars is continuing its celebrations with the release of a special film called “One Goal. One Vision” narrated by Hollywood actor and general bike nut Keanu Reeves.

The goal of the film is to showcase “Alpinestars’ unparalleled presence in all forms of motorsport, as well as cycling and action sports,” and Alpinestars press release reads. “The short film shines a well-deserved light on the champions, athletes, and teams throughout our 60-year history that drive us to constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible.”

Alpinestars’ 2023 collection has also contained nods to the year of its founding, 1963, including a red motocross jersey that features a bold number ‘63’ on the chest. Understandably, 2022 MotoGP World Champion and factory Ducati rider Francesco Bagnaia, whose number is ordinarily #63 rather than the #1 he is running this year, took a shine to this particular design. Remarkably, Bagnaia won that 2022 MotoGP title with Lamborghini logos on his bike. The Italian car manufacturer was founded in the same year as Alpinestars.