All the R1s, ridden by all the designers

R1 evolution video leaves us wanting more

BACK in February when Yamaha launched its new R1 at Eastern Creek, it brought together all five generations of the machine along with the project leaders that headed their development.

Now it’s released an all-too-short video in which each man gives a sound bite about the thinking behind ‘his’ bike.

The firm said: 'As a part of the test, former project leaders Kunihiko Miwa (1998), Yoshikazu Koike (2002 - 2004), Mokoto Shimamoto (2007), Toyoshi Nishida (2009) and the latest YZF-R1 and YZF-R1M models Project Leader Hideki Fujiwara (2015) donned their racing suits and took a ride aboard the models they developed.'

The video feels more like a trailer, so short are the clips of each bike. Surely Yamaha must have a longer version, with some real insight from the designers? Or maybe it’s a missed opportunity…

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