The AA launches Pothole Assist

A new initiative to counter the 2.2 million pothole plague which has spread across the UK

AA Pothole Assist is a new service following in the footsteps of AA Fuel Assist and AA Battery Assist. As part of AA Pothole Assist, AA patrols will be tasked with filling in any potholes they come across when travelling between breakdown jobs.

AA patrols will be using revolutionary new quick seal yellow solution to fill the potholes without adversely delaying traffic with lengthy road works and cones. The AA has agreed to invest £250,000 in the pilot scheme which starts today.  Pothole Assist will also be used to promote the AA to all road users as the potholes will be filled with yellow solution and branded “AA” or “AA for the Road Ahead.”

The AA is entering into the road maintenance market as a direct response to concerns raised by members:
-          The recent AA StreetWatch survey conducted by 2,000 AA members identified potholes as the most serious concern.
-          An AA Populus poll of 20,000 members showed that the majority believe that road conditions have deteriorated over the last decade.
-          AA Insurance has experienced a four-fold increase in claims’ due to pothole damage in the last two years.

AA future technologies strategist, Dr Raif Lopol, who developed the AA yellow quick seal solution, said: “Despite advances in road maintenance products there was no instantaneous filling and sealing tarmac on the market. Our AA yellow quick seal produces smoother roads in record time whilst also promoting the AA brand.”