AA calls for new restrictions on helmet cameras

Cameras being used for 'voyeurism' says motoring group

AA calls for new restrictions on helmet cameras

NEW measures may be needed to control the use of dash cameras and helmet cameras, the AA has said.

The motoring group said there were benefits of the cameras but some people were using them for 'voyeurism'.

AA president Edmund King told The Times: "While most drivers with dash cams fit them to protect themselves from 'crash for cash' fraudsters or dangerous drivers, there is an element of vehicular voyeurism from some individuals."

An AA spokesman said the proliferation of helmet and dash camera clips online had led the organisation to look at rules on their use in other countries. 

In Portugal and Belgium the users need to gain permission of the person filmed before sharing the video online, while in Italy number plates must be blurred and in Luxembourg the cameras are prohibited. 

The spokesman stressed that the AA was not calling for a ban but said "a small number of people were going out of there way to capture" clips.

He told Visordown: "What we wouldn't want to see is a situation where where people exploit the benefits of dash cameras to for their own purpose. If you like the voyeurism aspect."