40% of UK motorcyclists wearing helmets that 'should be replaced'

And 63% admit wearing one that’s been dropped

NEARLY half of UK motorcyclists are using crash helmets that are too old and should be replaced, a new survey suggests.

Helmet manufacturers recommend replacing helmets at least every five years due to degradation of materials but 40% of UK riders use one that’s older, according to the survey by insurance firm Carole Nash.

The survey of 1,006 riders also found 63% admit wearing a helmet that’s been dropped.

A Carole Nash spokesperson said: ‘Our research suggests that, throughout the British biking community, 63% of riders admit that they've worn their helmet after dropping it on the floor – meaning 63% of riders are currently at risk of increasing the likelihood of brain damage in the event of an accident.

‘One of the golden rules of owning a helmet is a simple one – if you drop it, bin it. Helmets are complex products and are designed to behave in certain ways when placed under stress – so even if you've dropped yours from the lowest height imaginable, it's not worth risking it on the road.

‘Another useful hint for bikers is to replace your helmet once every five years. Like most things on earth, helmets aren't immortal – so if, like 40% of riders here in the UK , your helmet is over five years old, it's definitely time to start flicking through some catalogues and pricing up a new lid.’

The insurance company also says 38% of riders use a black helmet and recommends we all wear ‘fluorescent yellow’ ones instead.  

What do you think? Do we really all need to wear fluorescent yellow lids? And do you replace yours every five years, or even take the recommendation seriously? 

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