2017 Isle of Man TT road safety campaign urges riders to slow down

Hard-hitting messages and unmarked vehicles aim to tackle dangerous riding

Isle of Man TT 2017

THIS YEAR’S Isle of Man TT road safety campaign will feature a series of slogan, hard-hitting images and the use of undercover vehicles to remind riders of the dangers of speeding, crossing solid white lines and treating the Isle of Man’s roads like a racetrack.

As riders get off the ferry in Doiuglas, they’ll be greeted with warnings such as: ‘Don’TT Cross The Line – Avoid That Fine’ and ‘It’s A Road – Not a Race Track.’

The messages are intended to encourage riders to slow down, respect the roads and ride within their abilities. Posters will be displayed at prominent locations around the Island, including TT campsites and popular vantage points on the Mountain Course, as well as in shops and community venues. Messages will also be displayed in foreign languages.

A billboard at Ramsey hairpin will display the above image of Lewis Clark who was fatally injured in 2015 after being hit by another rider.

Members of the Isle of Man Constabulary’s Roads Policing Unit will also be out throughout the TT period to stress the importance of keeping speeds down, maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles and abiding by the central white lines. Unmarked police vehicles will be deployed to enforce the rules of the road, promoted by the slogan ‘The Force Is Behind You.’