167bhp Twin turbo BMW R1200GS

For when you simply must beat a Fireblade away from the lights

MOTORCYCLES are surrounded by a wonderful tradition of going over the top. However fast and powerful a bike is, somebody, somewhere is going to make it go even faster.

Normally the subjects of such madness are superbikes – things that are quick to begin with – but the jaw-dropping effect is even more pronounced when the base machine isn't designed for speed. And in this case the base is the ever-popular but never-fast BMW R1200GS.

Dacar Motorsports in Brazil is offering a kit with not one but two turbos for the R1200GS. Yeah, that's one for each cylinder. It simply bolts on in an afternoon and gives 167bhp at the wheel (that's around 180bhp at the crankshaft!), up from around 110bhp from the stock bike.

No word on prices yet, but check it out at www.dacarmotorsport.com or the firm's European division at www.dacarmotorsport.eu (where you can even download the instruction manual to see just how easy the kit is to fit).

The only problem we can see is that it looks like the intercoolers mounted under each cylinder will be at serious risk of grounding in corners...