“Don’t be daft!” – Watch the trailer for Guy Martin’s ‘Great Escape’

The trailer for Guy Martin's 'The Great Escape' TV production has dropped - can he jump BOTH fences, unlike Steve McQueen in the iconic film?

Guy Martin

You know the premise, you’ve seen the motorcycle… now you can watch the trailer for ‘The Great Escape’, Guy Martin’s latest audacious television stunt.

The road racer-turned-TV personality is embarking on one of his most ambitious stunts yet as he attempts to recreate ‘Steve McQueen’s’ iconic motorcycle jump from 1963 film The Great Escape.

A childhood hero of Martin’s, while McQueen serves as the primary inspiration for this stunt, it was actually Bud Ekins that performed the jump in question.

However, while in the film McQueen’s character jumps the first fence, he fails to make the second when he is shot at by the Germans – this time, Martin will attempt to leap over both fences.

Using a Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE in a nod to the original use of a Triumph TR6 (albeit mocked up to look like a German guard’s BMW ‘The Cooler King’ had stolen), Martin has undergone rigorous training over four years with professional stuntmen with the journey to be chartered on the ‘The Great Escape’ show, which will be shown on Channel 4 on Sunday 8 December at 9pm (UK)

Watch the trailer Guy Martin’s ‘The Great Escape’

In the trailer Martin can be seen attempting jumps into the foam pile - and being winched out - before being asked whether he feels like Steve McQueen, illiciting a typically blunt Guy Martin resposne!

Will he succeed? We won’t spoil the fun, but as Guy Martin says - ‘I smell hospital…’ – the gravity of the feat should not be underestimated!