‘Secure Areas’ set up to allow motorcycle sales in confidence

The Montreal Police have set up designated secure areas, places where individuals can buy and sell privately a motorcycle in safety

‘Secure Areas’ set up to allow motorcycle sales in confidence

THE Montreal Police seem to have hit upon a decent idea, as they set up specific ‘secure areas’ for private individuals to use when buying or selling a motorcycle or car.

We’ve all done it, listed our bike for sale on the web, and then sat back and waited for the phone to ring. And it’s a stressful time, when you continually mull over whether you are doing the right thing, and if your other half going to notice that you’ve replaced it with a bigger, faster, more expensive bike?!

But then there is also the stress and worry about having somebody come to view your motorcycle, be that at home or elsewhere. It’s a worry that became a reality, for David Robinson, who had his KTM pinched after the buyer left their Alfa Romeo on his drive with the keys in the ignition. Little did David know, an assailant was hiding around the corner, and after the motorcycle was ridden away, they hopped in the already stolen motor and sped off!

To help alleviate some of this stress, the Montreal Police have taken the very sensible step of creating secure areas where private individuals can undertake sales of cars, motorcycles and, we presume, pretty much anything else.

The areas are set up with a host of CCTV cameras rolling 24/7, making it easy to track the individuals who visit the area. A secondary effect of the area could massively help sellers in the community, as the CCTV coverage will also dissuade illegitimate sellers and buyers, as they will be well aware they will be filmed. That final point should help to highlight unsavoury folk before the meeting even happens, as they will likely decline the meeting, signalling their dodginess to the other person.

As with most problems, the simplest solution is normally the best, and this is something that we think the UK could definitely benefit from!

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