‘Naked Bike’ photo project to debut

And it’s not about naked bikes

AN artist’s photo project combining motorcycles with the ‘aesthetic of a woman’s body’ in a way that’s intended to challenge stereotypes is set for its exhibition debut.

New York artist Grace Roselli is a self-proclaimed ‘bad-ass and longtime moto enthusiast’ who aims to challenge what she sees as casual misogyny in motorcycling and ‘get away from the bikini bike wash, dude’s trophy girl’.

Her Naked Bike Project combines ‘the idea of the motorcycle - a machine associated with sexuality, rebellion and freedom - with the narrative and aesthetic of a woman’s body’.

It’s due to premiere this Friday at the MotorGrrl bike shop in Brooklyn, New York.

That’s a bit of a long haul for our UK readers so we thought we’d bring you some of the photos.

It's set to debut alongside ‘Viragos’, another photo project depicting women riders, by New York artist Susana Rico.

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