Wanted: Wall of Death rider

Established stunt riding show seeks motorcycle rider with head for heights. No previous experience necessary

FANCY A career change involving motorcycles with no brakes?

A 'Wall of Death' motorcycle stunt riding company is looking for a new thrill-seeker to join their 80-year-old business.

“We’ve never got enough riders,” said James Messham, owner of the attraction. 

Jake Messham Jr, 19, is the company's star rider and has been riding in the death-defying shows since the tender age of 14.

“I broke my ankle in four places,” he told The Times newspaper. “I had a metal plate put in and nine pins. For seven months I couldn’t do anything.”

If you think that sounds scary then think on this: go too slow and the rider will drop off the wall, due to the lack of centre centripetal force; ride too fast and there are chances of passing out, due to lack of blood flowing to the brain.

“If you go too fast, you black out,” Jake said.

Despite the injuries and the risk, the 19-year-old still loves it.

“It is the biggest buzz ever," he enthused. "There is nothing else like it.”

Fancy it?

The Messham's are currently residing at Battersea Park yesterday, where the Wall of Death is appearing as part of Carters Steam Fair, if you want to hand in your application in person.