Vet builds lightweight electric motorcycle in his spare time

The ExoDyne is powered by 48 lithium polymer batteries and an 11 kW EnerTrac motor

TO the untrained eye, the above model could pass for a children’s balance bike.

In actual fact, it’s something far more sophisticated; an all-electric motorcycle capable of speeds up to 60mph.

Atlanta-based veterinary orthopaedic surgeon Alan Cross designed and built the ExoDyne in his garage. With a boxy frame housing 48 lithium polymer batteries (which are restricted to make a combined 200 A), and an 11 kW EnerTrac motor built into the rear hub, the bike is the latest in a long line of Cross’s ‘projects’, which include electric drift trikes and steam punk floor lamps.

Did we mention that the vet boasts an engineering degree and a host of self-taught metalworking and fabrication skills?

SIlodrome reports that Cross’ latest toy took him nine months of evenings and weekends to complete, with a little help when it came to the seat and powder-coating.

It features forks from a 2005 Suzuki RMZ 250 and the headstock and rear swingarm of a 1995 Suzuki RM 125. The rest of the structure was hand-crafted by Cross, while hardware was sourced from various manufacturers. To keep weight down to just 112kg, he used a mix of titanium, aluminium and carbon fibre components.  

A small CycleAnalyst displays mph, amps and other essential information.

Now for the downside. Despite its ability to go fast, the ExoDyne is unlikely to get far, with a range of only 20mph. But with no wind protection, and small wheels, the model is hardly a long-distance tourer.