Tsunami Harley heads to H-D museum

The final twist of the Harley tale?

THE HARLEY that washed up on Canadian soil after being swept 3,000 miles from Japan following the tsunami, will go on display at the Harley-Davidson museum.

The motorcycle was discovered in a container on a beach in Canada, despite having travelled over 3,000 miles and the container's door being ripped off. The owner, Ikuo Yokoyama, was traced in Japan and Harley-Davidson offered to return his motorcycle to him, fully restored.

Yokoyama 'respectfully declined' the offer instead asking if the 2004 NightTrain could be preserved at the Harley museum to honor the 16,000 victims.

Yokoyama also turned down the offer of a replacement bike, saying he shouldn't be singled out when others had lost far more than he had.