Tokyo show special - Monkey Magic

Single-sided girder-fork Monkey bike chassis kit from Over Racing

Over Racing Monkey bike chassis kit

We know some of you out there have pretty trick Honda Groms, and the odd tweaked-up Monkey bike. But we're saying that this chassis kit is the absolute top of the tree for minibike fettlers. Not only is the Over Racing OV-36 kit mostly machined from solid bilets of aluminium, it also has a single-sided front and rear suspension setup, that makes even full-on superbikes look pretty dull.

The kit – the latest iteration of the OV-36 from Over Racing – was on show at the firm's Tokyo bike show stand over the weekend. And while most attention was directed at the firm's Z900RS special (of which more anon), this little kit caught our eye.

The main frame and rear swingarm are mighty impressive of course, with super-stiff machined sections and chunky alloy components that look like they could deal with ten times the power output from a Monkey engine.

But it's the front end that's really audacious. A single-sided wheel carrier pivots on a double-wishbone type arrangement, and operates a Nitron shock via a long linkage under the fuel tank. The front shock is just visible, in front of the normal rear monoshock (also by UK firm Nitron). Even wilder is the fact that all the linkages use adjustable rose-jointed sections, allowing massive adjustment over every aspect of the steering geometry. PhD-spec chassis customisation tekkers required for best results we imagine.

All you need, then is a donor bike for the engine, electrics, bodywork, etc. Oh, and nearly £6k for the kit too. More info at Over Racing here…