Not a Yamaha YZF-R125

You've got to admire the blatancy of it...

NOPE. It's not a Yamaha YZF-R125. Can't you tell it's actually a Genata GM125YZF-R?

Yes, in China it seems that patents, copyrights and trademarks all have a slightly different meaning, and the result is this, erm, shall we say “tribute” to Yamaha's smallest sports bike.

As well as using the same styling as the Yamaha, and borrowing the YZF-R tag (which appears on the stickers, although the firm's website – – calls it the RC125) the firm is a bit creative with its own name. According to the website, 'China Genata Vehicle Holdings Limited” is a subsidiary of 'Japan Genata Industry Limited'. So, Japanese then? No, it seems they've just added the word 'Japan' to make it sound like that's the case...

Spec-wise, it's not quite in the Yamaha's league; using an air-cooled engine instead of a water-cooled one, although unlike Yamaha the firm says it's also offering a water-cooled 250cc version of the bike. The dimensions are identical; with the same length, width, height and wheelbase as the Yamaha.

We're guessing that Yamaha's legal people are probably already on the case...

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