Bike-riding ‘superhero’ unmasked

Argentinian vigilante arrested after shoot-out

A BUENOS Aires ‘superhero’ – named Menganno – has been revealed as former cop Oscar Lefosse and is now under investigation for carrying an illegal firearm.

He’s alleged to have shot at three criminals with his Glock pistol, despite his gun licence expiring a year ago. Although he claims he was fired upon and acted in self-defence, posting pictures of his own bullet-riddled car on FaceBook, police say all the shots were fired from inside the car.

The 43 year old was a policeman from 1986 to 1996, and appeared in superhero form in 2010, patrolling the streets on a bike (his Facebook pictures show a Bajaj Pulsar) armed only with pepper spray and handcuffs while wearing a fetching blue superhero outfit.