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Top 10 unicorn bikes

Classic motorcycles we’d love to own – if we could find one

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Submitted by Visordown on Tue, 06/02/2018 - 14:46

Top 10 unicorn bikes

SOMETIMES the fact that a motorcycle is unattainable can only fuel the desire to get one. Regardless of its objective merits or even its subjective beauty, the very fact that you can’t have one – and may never even see one – will inevitably make you want it all the more.

And there are plenty of bikes that fall into that category. We’re not talking about dream machines that are unavailable simply due to particularly limited production or sky-high prices, but bikes that, for one reason or another, are rare and attractive enough to fire the curiosity once you know they exist. Ownership, or even a brief ride, might dispel the illusion, but while they’re so hard to find these machines slot into our ‘unicorn’ category.

Of course, everyone will have different opinions on what makes a unicorn. Your own age plays a big part; bikes that you might have seen in magazines when you were a kid, but never in the metal. Models that were offered only in other countries, perhaps, but never made it to these shores.

Here’s our list of 10 unicorn bikes. They’re completely subjective choices, of course, so please add your own opinions and thoughts in the comments.

Top 10 unicorn bikes"

10: Honda MXV250F

Remember the MXV250F? No? It’s no surprise, since it was only made for a year and had no predecessor or direct successor. Built only in 1983-4, it was a 250cc, two-stroke V3, which also makes it one of the strangest engine configurations you’re likely to stumble across. It was actually Honda’s first two-stroke road bike, designed to cash in on the success of the firm’s three-cylinder NS500 that took Freddie Spencer to the 1983 title. The later NS400R was a more successful reflection of that machine, and no doubt a better bike than the MXV, but it’s not rare enough for unicorn status.



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