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The helmet that gives riders eyes in the back of their head

Well, a camera, anyway.

Steve Farrell's picture
Submitted by Steve Farrell on Thu, 16/03/2017 - 14:38

A NEW helmet accessory claims to offer better rearward visibility than mirrors.

From UK-based start-up company Zona, it consists of a small display mounted inside the rider’s helmet and linked to a wireless camera on the back of the bike.

The display can be adjusted to just above or below eye-level thanks to a flexible arm, and links to the camera via a wireless receiver on the back of the helmet.

The firm says it ‘gives motorcyclists something they've never had before - full rear view vision’.

Founder John Hale told New Scientist: “The inherent problem with motorcycles is that the mirrors just do not work very well. You’ve got a very small reflected image and, because of the position of the mirrors, mostly you’re seeing your elbows.

“The screen is next to the user’s face, but the optics allow the eye to focus at a comfortable distance.”

The units can be pre-ordered now for delivery from the end of June at an ‘introductory’ price of £175, a saving of £50 according to the firm’s website.

It’s even endorsed by four-time WSB world champion Carl Fogarty. Like he ever has to worry about what's behind him.


And this system is better because it needs batteries (two even) and who doesn't want lag in their rear view system? Also they haven't messed up their marketing by picking a name that doesn't even appear in the top page of Google hits, they totally will fund it with pre-orders, it absolutely will go into production, and nobody will lose their money like they haven't with Skully, Livemap, or Rainpal.

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