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Triumph Tiger 1200 review - first impressions

With full price list

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Submitted by Visordown on Tue, 28/11/2017 - 11:29

Triumph Tiger 1200 review - first impressions


VISORDOWN reporter Laura Thomson is at the launch of the 2018 Triumph Tiger 1200 range in Almeria, Spain.

Triumph revealed the updated range three weeks ago in Milan. It consists of several editions of varying spec beaing either the letters XR or XC, the former road-biased and the latter more off-road focused. 

Here are Laura's first impression after trying both versions: 

'We covered more than 180 miles on the range-topping XRt yesterday and the improvement on the previous generation was immediately noticeable.

'Triumph say that both versions of the 1200 have undergone more than 100 changes and updates, with focus heavily on improving the models' rideability. 

'The engineers seem to have succeeded. The XRt is a joy to ride and as the top-spec model is dripping in technology. There's a new TFT dash, adaptive cornering lights, Triumph shift assist, optimised cornering ABS and traction control and even a hill-hold function. 

'Despite these added features, the XRt weighs 11kg less than the previous version, weight which has come from battery, chassis, silencer and flywheel to name a few. 

Triumph Tiger 1200 review - first impressions "

The Triumph Tiger 1200 XRt

'As a result, handling is improved and the bike feels significantly more agile. Torque is linear and the ride-by-wire throttle response is tons better than on the Explorer.

'The XCa - the range topping equivalent of the off-road-going Tiger - is equally accomplished and features a new Off-Road Pro riding mode. We only rode the XCa for a short while off road, but it was well suited to the fire trails we covered. Anything more technical, however, and as with other 1200cc adventure bikes, the Tiger's 248kg weight would likely hold anyone but the pros back.

Triumph Tiger 1200 review - first impressions "

And the XCa edition

'These improvements come at a premium. Both models cost roughly £1,000 more than the outgoing version, with the XRt at £16,150 and the XCa £16,950

'Is it worth the price hike? I think so.'

Check back soon for Laura's full review. 

Here's the full price list for the 2018 Tiger 1200 range, just announced by Triumph: 

Tiger 1200 XR                         £12,200.00

Tiger 1200 XRX                       £14,150.00

Tiger 1200 XRX Low               £14,150.00

Tiger 1200 XRT                       £16,150.00

Tiger 1200 XRT Expedition     £17,650.00

Tiger 1200 XCX                       £14,950.00

Tiger 1200 XCA                       £16,950.00

Tiger 1200 XCA Expedition     £18,450.00


I am afraid that this update is fiddling while Rome is burning. I have just traded my '16 XCX in on a KTM. The Explorer (as it was) is a very nice bike to ride and probably didn't need these updates so soon after the last new revision 18 months ago. What it does need, and the reason why I traded mine, is for Triumph to sort out their quality. I won''t go into detail, but I have never owned a bike that had so much warranty work - with every job a struggle to get sorted. I also felt the bike did not age very well - after 8.5K miles, there were numerous rattles and vibrations developing. This was my second Triumph that I have owned, the first was better than this one for quality but also had a few issues. I don't think that there will be a third.

I currently own 2 current model triumphs couldnt be happier, 1 England made 1 Thai made, sorry you got a lemon but triumph arent the only company in the world that does that.I have the tiger is on my list and it needed those updates to keep up with the BMW. I might add my bikes are cleaned and garaged and serviced and I do 10k a year on both, and my t140e gets out as well.

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