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Can you Feely it? Yes we can!

Another Chinese sports bike – the new 450cc twin from Feely

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Submitted by Visordown News on Wed, 04/07/2018 - 14:39

Feely 450

NO, YOU'RE right, the name ‘Feely’ doesn’t really tick the same emotional boxes as ‘Ducati’ or even ‘Honda’. But let’s put that to one side for a moment because, nomenclature aside, the newly-revealed Feely 450 actually doesn’t look too terrible.

That might be damning with faint praise, but given what we’ve come to expect from some of China’s bike firms it’s a definite step in the right direction.

Full details of the bike aren’t due to emerge for a few more days, but it’s a water-cooled 450cc twin, with an engine made by the rather better-known Zongshen brand. In terms of performance, it’s supposed to be good for around 36hp and 26lbft of torque.

The styling is perhaps a bit Transformers, but includes kit like LED lights. Not so sure about the graphics, though – hopefully the ‘Never Stop’ slogan on the side isn’t a reference to the brakes.

Feely actually has a few intriguing-looking bikes on the way. Other planned models include a 471cc twin-cylinder adventure bike, using a Loncin engine that’s near carbon-copy of the Honda CB500 motor, and a couple of 320cc single-cylinder models – an adventure bike and a naked roadster that looks rather like Honda’s new CB300R.

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