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Finally - a BMW Boxer special we can all love

Wild snow-racing BMW RnineT custom, for the end of days

Submitted by Alan Dowds - editor on Wed, 07/03/2018 - 10:12

Husky BMW RnineT snow racer

Okay, it's a week late for here. But this wild customised 'Husky' BMW RnineT is still one of the most hilarous things we've seen on two wheels. Built by BMW parts firm Wunderlich, for a snow race in Italy this week, the RnineT is almost unrecognisable, thanks to a huge extended tubular swingarm, massive sand-race flap tyres with snow spikes, and a Jekill & Hyde exhaust system. It also has, for unclear reasons, what looks like a pair of racing roller skates attached either side of the seat unit.

Husky BMW RnineT snow racer

The snow race is basically a hillclimb, up a South Tyrolean ski slope, with snow and all that, so is nonsense from start to finish. The mods here will help though - the long swingarm will help traction and keep it from flipping, while the tyres should offer loads of grip. The engine looks mostly stock, apart from the exhaust and filters, so there'll be 115bhp-ish on offer easily enough.

The bike was built by a firm called Nagel Motors, and is a collaboration between Wunderlich and Jekill and Hyde. Our favourite bit is definitely the swingarm - lengthening it with a tubular welded cage is genius, and should be both light and stiff. A custom-made shaft is some serious work too - well done all!

Husky BMW RnineT snow racer

The race is called 'Harley and Snow', and used to be a H-D gig, but is now open to other firms, luckily. Thilo Günther and Roland Stocker are the riders, and the event takes place in Ridnau, South Tyrol this weekend, from March 9-11.

• Wunderlich parts are imported to the UK by British firm Nippy Normans. Get them at



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