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Dougie Lampkin successfully wheelies Isle of Man TT course

Legendary trials rider pulls massive minger on the Isle of Man

Simon Greenacre's picture
Submitted by Simon Greenacre on Mon, 26/09/2016 - 10:42

Dougie Lampkin Isle of Man wheelie

TRIALS legend Dougie Lampkin successfully rode all 37.7 miles of the Isle of Man TT course on one wheel on Sunday.

The 12-time world trials champion started from the grandstand in Douglas and wheelied the whole of the TT course in one hour and 35 minutes, with the whole event being shown live on Red Bull TV.

The island’s roads remaining open during the event and as well as battling traffic and the sharp gradients of the TT course, Lampkin also had to fight against strong winds on the mountain section. The attempt was originally scheduled for Sturday, but strong winds meant it had to be postponed for a day.

After completing the challenge, Lampkin said: ‘I feel absolute massive relief, the build up to it, seven months of planning, everything that's gone on, like the nightmare with the weather yesterday and still strong winds today on top of the mountain – I was just hanging on really. It wasn't over until a couple of metres from the end but that last couple of metres was just amazing.’




With no obstacles perhaps DL should have used one of the TT Superbikes rather than a trials bike?
Maybe let Hutchy have a go... and Dunlop... and a few others too...
Maybe at 10 second intervals against the stopwatch?

The bike was specially designed for the event with duel operating brake systems and rear hub foot pegs. The front wheel was kept revolving with an electric motor to keep a giro effect to maintain steering ability. There were lots of obstacles such as parked cars and roadworks to steer around. Wind was a big problem, especially going over the mountain section at Windy Corner. Amazing feat to watch.

Haha I like your thinking. Now we know it's possible, lets take it up a notch!!

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