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How to… fit a power commander

Or other fuel injection piggyback device

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Submitted by Visordown on Tue, 11/07/2017 - 07:00

FUEL injection is a wonder of the modern age: efficient, hassle-free, über-reliable.

But for the inveterate fiddler, used to swapping jets in a carburetor, it brought complications

Enter the Dynojet power commander. Now in its fifth incarnation, this little box of tricks lets you easily alter fuelling simply by downloading different fuel 'maps' over the internet, or taking your bike to a dyno shop for a bespoke setup.

There are other devices that do a similar task, but this one’s the market leader. Here’s how to do one, in five steps that will take a couple of hours max.

1. Get access

The biggest job is usually getting access to the injectors. On most sportsbikes you need to lift the fuel tank, normally by removing the seat, unbolting the tank at the front, and hinging it up. The four injectors are in a bank below the airbox – some four-cylinder bikes have two banks, including one in the top of the airbox, making eight in all, but you just want to access the lower 'main' ones here. You'll also need to find the throttle position sensor connector, which is usually on the right-hand end of the throttle bodies.



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