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How to… change your fork oil

...quickly and easily

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Submitted by Visordown on Wed, 19/07/2017 - 11:33

By Alan Dowds

YOU'RE religious about your engine oil, aren't you? But when did you last change the oil in your forks? Most of us put it off, and to be fair, it's unlikely to cause the sort of damage caused by not changing engine oil.

But the damping fluid in forks does gradually wear out. Every time the oil molecules get squeezed through the damping valves and orifices, some of the long chains of carbon and hydrogen can get broken, reducing the viscosity. Additives put there to protect the seals and other internals from wear and corrosion will also break down over time. And it will also start to smell a bit yucky…

Changing the oil on a set of conventional forks is fairly easy, with no special tools needed. USD forks are a little trickier and will need a spring compressor tool and maybe a pin spanner to remove the top plug depending on the model. Check your service manual for specifics.

And follow our step-by-step guide over the next seven pages…



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