Top Oxford aftermarket indicator lights you can buy online for your motorcycle

Hrere are some of the best aftermarket indicator lights from Oxford Products that you can buy online at Ghost Bikes right now.

Oxford LED Signal 4 Motorcycle Indicators (EL323)

If you are in the market for a new set of indicator lights or signal lights for your motorcycle, you have come to the right place.

Indicators are an important part nof your motorcycle. They must be both visible to others, and fit the aesthetics of your bike. 

So, if your indicators are becoming unreliable, or if you are just wanting something fresh on your bike, why not check out some of the alternatives from Oxford we have listed below. 

If any take your fancy, simply hit the link, drop them in your cart and head to checkout. 

Oxford LED Signal 3 Motorcycle Indicators (EL322)

E-Marked - Fully Road Legal; 15 LED Bulbs; Water Resistant; Resistors Included; Sold As A Pair; £34.99

Oxford Motorcycle Mini LED Indicators

Super Bright LEDs; Weatherproof Design; E-Marked for Front and Rear Use; Universal Fit; Includes Resistors To Control Flash Rate; £19.99

Oxford Eyeshot LEDicators

Universal fit; Complete with replaceable E-marked Halogen 12 Volt 6W bulbs; Replaces front and rear standard indicators; Ideal for bikes with high level exhaust pipes; £39.99

Oxford LED Signal 4 Motorcycle Indicators (EL323)

15 LED Bulbs; Waterproof Design; 110,000 Millicandela; Universal Fit; E-Marked; £34.99