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Top Ten Sportsbikes of 2019

We pick the greatest superbikes you can go out and buy this year – did your bike make the list?

WITH a host of new or facelifted sportsbikes to choose from this year, the options for the knee-down heroes amongst us are varied and exciting.

In this top ten we aren’t just going to focus on the 1000cc and over brigade, we’re going to pick the best CBT friendly sportsbike, the best A2 sportsbike, the best middle-weight sports bike, and the best 1000cc+ sportsbike.

10. Kawasaki Ninja 125

With its big-bike looks and team-green paintjob, the Ninja 125 is about as much bike as you can get on a CBT. With its punchy motor, head-turning looks and handling to match, Kawasaki have created a fun and easy to ride learner legal motorcycle.

9. Aprilia RS4 125

At a glance, the baby RSV is almost indistinguishable from it’s bigger and faster brother, the new RSV4 1100. With an aggressive riding position, firm suspension and lightweight, the Aprilia makes an ideal B-road weapon, although slightly harsh on the daily commute.

8. Honda CBR500R

Honda’s sweet handling CBR500R is a jewel of a bike, that really shouldn’t be overlooked in favour of bigger machinery. It’s comfy, quick, and enthralling to ride. Add to that Honda’s legendary reliability, cheap insurance and those baby-Blade looks – there really is very little to dislike about this bike!

7. Kawasaki Ninja 400 Performance

Taking a leaf out of the H2’s book and wearing a slinky trellis frame, the Ninja 400 looks every inch the supersport machine. Only the riser bars and low-set, comfortable footpegs give a clue that this Ninja is not just a one trick pony. Once the weekend is over, the Ninja makes a surprisingly good commuter too.

6. Honda CBR650R

Like the CBR500R only a tad heavier, twice as much power and the same eye-catching looks. The launch of the CBR650R was in Almeria, just north of the circuit. The mix of fast straights, sweeping bends and grippy tarmac made for a very memorable experience indeed.

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