Top ten: Motorcycle designers

The people behind the motorcycles that inspired the rest

THIS one is bound to be controversial. It tends to hold true that many of the strongest designs are, almost by definition, polarizing.

A style that’s inoffensive to all is unlikely to go down in history, and yet bolder bikes are often reviled as much as they’re loved, so we’re pretty sure you’ll disagree with some of our choices when it comes to this list of the world’s top ten bike designers.

There were plenty who nearly made the cut. David Robb, formerly of BMW, was a near miss for transforming the firm’s image over several years, while Gerald Kiska, credited with many of KTM’s designs over the last decade or so, could have been chosen for introducing the sharp-edged look that many other firms are now cribbing. Then there are the hosts of great-looking Japanese bikes that have somehow avoided ever being tied to one particular designer. Hans Muth, who designed the Suzuki Katana and various BMWs, should also get a mention. And what about JT Nesbitt, the man behind those crazy-looking, crazy-priced Confederates?

If you think we’ve got it wrong, or missed anyone out, do let us know...