Top ten funniest Chinese copies of genuine motorcycles

China is globally known for not having much respect for copyright laws, and that also extends to the nations motorcycles builders

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CHINA has been well known for over 100 years as a nation that can supply the world with cheap, low quality, knock-off goods.

Able to supply and build anything from fake Louis Vuitton handbags to imitation Rolls Royce cars – China really is the land that copyright right infringement forgot!

In their quest to supply the cool kids of Beijing with all the trappings of a luxury life one could want, they’ve even begun building (copying) the motorcycles of major manufacturers, although with varying degrees of success.

Here are the top ten howlers that we could find on the net.

See if you can guess what bike it’s supposed to be!

10. JONWAY JJ250

Where do we start with the Jonway JJ250? I can’t imagine a point during the build process of this bike where the people putting it together and stood back and said, ‘yeah, that’s the bike we’re going to put to market.’ It’s a visual migraine on wheels.

It looks like somebody bought little their kid the shittest Transformer toy in Poundland for Christmas, and then his folks left it too close to the fire on Christmas morning.

For those wondering, the Jonway is a 250cc twin, trying it’s best to look like an already shit looking bike that is the BMW F650CS. Proof, if it were ever needed, that that you really cannot polish a turd.


Here we have the Jiajue C8, or as I like to call it, the KTM Puke 125. Like a nightmare in cheap plastic, the Jiajue C8 does its best to take KTM’s extraordinarily successful starter bike and make it cheaper, slower, less safe and much less attractive.

Looking less born to ride and more born to fail, everything about the bike looks spindly, thin and, well shit. Even the pipe that links to the exhaust silencer, for the love of all that is holy, could they not have hidden the section of garden hose a little bit better?!


Admittedly, compared to the rest of the tripe on this page, the WinJan WJ300 (the Chinese love a snappy name, don’t they!?) is actually not a bad looking machine.

Styled to look like an original-shape Ducati Streetfighter (as if you couldn’t tell), from a distance at least, it’s not a terrible looking bike. Just don’t try and get your knee down at Paddock Hill Bend. The only place you’ll be going is to the gravel trap.


This copy of Ducati’s Scrambler is so blatant, it’s actually laughable. The fact it’s fairly authentic-looking tank and seat are mated to a 125cc, pit bike engine just goes to show how little the designers actually cared about performance.


It’s hard to tell which bike JiaJue had on the drawing board when they ‘designed’ this one. I’d like to think it looked something like one of those big glass drawing boards, like they have in CSI when they’re working on a big murder case.

Instead of the faces of suspects dotted around and joined up with lines, they must have had the Ducati Panigale, the CBR125, the KTM RC390, and a steaming pile of dung.

I can picture the scene, unable to decide on which bike to plagiarise, a fight breaks out in the design office and the staff have a massive punch up. Once they have beaten each other to a pulp and are thoroughly exhaust and covered in blood and bruises, one of them comes up with the idea they should play a game of mix and match to build their new machine.

The bike they created is the result of too many bruised and swollen eyelids and blood-soaked eyes.

That must be why its so offensive to look at, they’d never intentionally build it this way.

5. Kengo R350

Ahhh the Kengo R350, because putting an ‘R’ in the name of your bike immediately increases the BHP by one bazillion percent or something like that.

The bumph that accompanies this bike claims it has a ‘supercharged design’ and in fact, the bike is so performance-oriented that the redline on the tacho is 15,000rpm even though the bike will only rev to 8,500.

Get it on the MotoGP grid now and give Stoner a call, tell him his fishing holiday is over.

4. Kengo X350

If the faired Kengo R350 is a bit too sporty for you, you might want to consider the naked Kengo X350. The sports naked for the discerning and style-conscious man (or woman/whole family) around town.

3. Jiajue 400

This copy is so bad, it might actually be good. No, it’s not sorry I had sleep in my eye.

Obviously meant to be a Z1000, the Jiajue 400 is powered by a 20bhp parallel twin-cylinder engine that is all cradled in a tubular frame – although the frame could also be plastic, we really can’t tell.

2. Skyteam YCF Urban

Another copy that, if you squint a bit, you’re hard pushed to tell that this isn’t a genuine Honda Grom. Only the conventionally mounted, upright engine layout gives it away.

Looking like a vision in cheap pressed steel and vacuum-formed plastic, the YCF is a bike for people who want to slip under the radar – and the field of vision of that lorry driver as that turn left in front of him…


Taking the top spot in this rundown is the Wonjan WJ300, a bike so good it survived the apocalypse and managed to ride itself out of the crumbling city and into the badlands that lay beyond -well if the marketing picture is to be believed anyway.

Not content with just ripping off the 1098 Ducati for their 300cc sportsbike, Wonjan include words like ‘Majestic’ and ‘Shadow' and 'land warrior’ in the marketing, because this isn’t just a motorcycle, it’s a vehicle to improve your life.