The Top 5 Craziest Bike Clips You've Ever Seen...

We'd challenge you to find any crazier clips than these

The Top 5 Craziest Bike Clips You've Ever Seen...

MAKING use of the growing trend of helmet cams, we've seen more crashes, road rage and close calls than ever before. After reviewing footage sent in from you readers, here are our top 5 craziest cam clips...

5. Worst biker Vs deer collision EVER?

Watch our for that ...f*** too late. This has to be one of the worst motorcycle collisions with a deer, or anything, we've ever seen. Not sure what to suggest to avoid this, surely it's just straight up unlucky?

Thanks to Steve McGuire for the footage.

It seems bikers need to be aware of animals of all forms as this rider goes head-to-head with a bird!

4. RIDER flips motorcycle at high speed

"The rider in front of me braked earlier than expected, and it caused my SR's to kick in. In retrospect, I should have gone on his outside, but I think that I may have already been too close for that. I'm still somewhat surprised that it flipped so easily, considering that I only had two fingers on the lever.

I ended up getting thrown over the front, crushed by the bike, and then sliding for a considerable distance before finally coming to a halt in the gravel trap.

My injuries were pretty severe, and I don't think that the bike will end up being salvageable."

A massive thanks to Matthew Dutoit for sending us the clip.

3. ANGRY driver hits motorcyclist with car door in road rage 

This next clip shows a road rage incident on a motorway as the passenger of a vehicle takes on a motorcyclist. The footage shows the rider being hit with a car door before kicking and punching the side of the vehicle in retaliation then riding off.

2. NEAR miss at junction

This video shows just how dangerous it is to overtake near a junction, especially when there is a larger vehicle obscuring the biker’s vision.

Overtaking 5 seconds later would have seen a head on collision for sure!

Continuing the previous animal theme, this lamb appears to have significantly better luck than the deer at number 5. Here is another very very near miss...

AND here is the craziest clip you guys sent to us!

1. LORRY nearly drops logs on motorcyclist

This lorry nearly drops logs on motorcyclist this rider, showing just why we should ALWAYS be extra wary of other road users. 

A few seconds later and that would have been a serious headache...

Here's another example! On the phone whilst driving is one thing, but this is on a whole new level.