Top 10 summer gloves in association with GetGeared

Looking for some summer glove inspiration? GetGeared take you through 10 of their most popular summer mitts

SUMMER is just around the corner, and with the warmer weather comes the prospect of ditching sometimes cumbersome winter gloves for something that lends a little more finesse and feel to the fingers.

This summer glove top 10 is in association with GetGeared and it contains some of their best sellers once the sunshine and warm weather have made an appearance. It includes a range of gloves to suit different riders and styles, across a range of budgets. You’ll find ones for the track, for the poseur, for the rain, and for comfortably covering off the miles, which hopefully means you’ve got a good chance of having a summer of glove.

10. Rev'It! Summit 2 H2O - £99.99

These might be summer gloves, but that doesn’t mean there’s any harm in them being waterproof, especially in the UK. The Summit H20s keep out moisture thanks to their supple goat skin exterior, under which sits a waterproof Hydratex lining. Protection comes from the 3D Seesoft knuckle armour, TPR knuckle protectors and a hard TPU palm slider and stretchy Kevlar panels.

9. Held 2623 Revel - £84.99

Held’s Revel gloves are made from goatskin and come with hard reinforcement at the knuckles. The side of the hand and ball of the thumb are reinforced with leather and abrasive resistant Keprotec fabric. The Revels are also available in long and short finger sizes, so if you’ve got particularly large or small hands, you should be able to get the these in a size to suit, without having to accept fingers that are a bit too long or constricting.

8. Weise Remus - £69.99

The Remus is a full grain leather summer glove from Weise. Compared to the gloves listed so far, it’s got a shorter, single closure Velcro cuff, so although you might not want to take to the track with it, as a road glove it’s convenient because it can be easily whipped on and off, and will work with a wide range of jackets. Protection comes from the TPU reinforcements on the knuckles, thumbs and fingers. There’s also an armoured panel to protect the easily-broken Scaphoid bone. The leather on the back of the hand is perforated to allow air in, while the palm of the hand features two layers of leather.

7. Rev'It! Monster 2 - £84.99

The Monster 2s are the first set of vintage-inspired summer hand shoes on this list. They’re proof that stylish gloves need not compromise on protection because they feature hard knuckle protection, along with palm, finger and knuckle protectors. The exterior is made of goatskin leather and Temperfoam adds impact protection. They’re designed to be comfortable too, thanks to the tri-fleece liner. The word ‘fleece’ is a bit deceptive here – the Monster 2s aren't designed to cook your hands, but wick moisture away to keep them cool, in conjunction with the vented panels. They’ve got a water resistant finish should you get caught out in the rain and they can also be used with touch screen devices. 

6. RST Tractech Evo - £69.99

If you’re after highly-specced summer race glove that doesn’t cost the earth, you could do worse than the RST Tractech Evo gloves. They’re made from double-layered leather to increase slide resistance and the gloves are pre-curved for comfort. They feature carbon-fibre knuckle and finger knuckle protection along with Kevlar stitching at impact zones. The palm panels are also made from Kevlar and the little finger and ring finger are joined to stop finger roll and separation in the event of a crash.

5. Rev'It! Bliss 2 - £79.99

Comfort is the name of the game here and the fitted, supple Rev'It Bliss 2s are lined with a tri-fleece liner and single motion closure cuff – making them unfussy to get on, and comfortable once in place. Protection comes courtesy of the Temperfoam knuckles and abrasion resistant palms in case of a slide, while the rest of the gloves are made from a mix of goat skin and cowhide.

4. Dainese Blackjack - £59.99

Got a passion for fashion but still want to feel like you’re going to be well protected when you’re riding round the city? With their simple, classic urban design, Dainese’s Blackjacks gloves should have you covered. They’re made of goatskin and the palm is reinforced to offer additional protection. There are no raised TPU panels or knobbly knuckles here - it wouldn’t fit with the simple style of these gloves, instead additional protection comes the soft inserts on the knuckles and back of the hand. Elasticated inserts on the back of the index finger and pre-curved fingers work to ensure that the Blackjacks are as comfortable as can be and the single Velcro cuff closure ensures that they’re unfussy to get on an off.

3. Icon Pursuit Stealth Air - £54.99

Icon’s short Pursuit Stealth Air gloves are the glove equivalent of a statue of a chiseled Greek god – sculpted. Their shape comes from the fact that they’re designed to closely conform to the shape of your hand for optimum comfort. The knuckle area is protected by a plastic guard that sits underneath the perforated Pittards sheepskin leather on the back of the hand. The palm is protected by an additional layer of leather for additional abrasion resistance.

2. Alpinestars GP Tech - £219.99

The GP Tech gloves get their name because their protection and design is derived from MotoGP, and these are Alpinestars’ top-level sports gloves. As such, they’re packed with protective features with TPU armour at the knuckles, palms, fingers and thumbs and the back of the hands are lined with Kevlar, as are the thumbs and little fingers. There’s also a finger bridge between the ring and little fingers to stop finger roll and separation. There’s plenty of other features to make them comfortable as well, like the pre-curved fingers, stretch panels, a supple single-layer palm and plenty of ventilation on the back of the hand.

1. Held 2616 Tour Guide - £109.99

These look pretty sensible, don’t they? Well, that’s because they are. Deigned for using while clicking off the miles this summer, the Tour Guide goves from Held are an all-round summer glove that should have you covered across a wide range of riding. Available in long and short fits, they’re made of Kangaroo leather with perforations on the palms. Hard protection come Sas Tec armour in the knuckles and Suprotect shock absorbing foam. Closures at the writst and cuff should ensure a comfortable fit.

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