Top 10 sports tourers

Ten bikes that'll comfortably shrink a country in the blink of an eye​

Top 10 sports tourers

Comfort and speed, with a dash of great handling are some of the ingredients that make up the perfect sports orientated tourer. Today's Top 10 is a breakdown of the best sports tourers that you can buy.

Sports-tourer buying advice.

With buyers of new sports-tourers migrating to adventure bikes, now’s the time to bag a versatile bargain:

  • These bikes tend to be well looked after by mature owners who service them. Steer clear of anything with any tasteless bolt-ons, small plates, loud pipes, small indicators or other rude boy modifications.
  • Some extras are worth having. Quality hard luggage and aftermarket suspension are particularly worthwhile as carrying capacity is handy and these bikes can do loads of miles heavily laden so original suspension can get tired. 
  • High mileage bikes are not uncommon and can be good value for money – if well maintained and that includes things like greasing the rear linkage, head bearings and looking after suspension. 
  • Buying privately can be worthwhile as you can check out the owner as well as the bike, pay less and these machines tend to hide less horrors than most. Do a data check. do an online one that includes motorbikes for £3.95. For that money it’s not worth travelling to view a bike without checking it first.

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