Top 10 most innovative new products of the year

In association with GetGeared

IN association with GetGeared, we count down the top 10 most innovative biking products of 2015.

10. The Shark Skwal helmet

£189.99 - £199.99

On a dark night most riders want to make themselves as visible as possible. This Shark lid comes with built-in LEDs that can be set to flash or constant.

Claim to innovation:

  • First helmet with LED lighting system

9. Alpinestars Mono Fuse Gore-Tex boots


These 100 per cent waterproof riding boots feature Alpinestars new ratchet bucket system, meaning you can get in and out of the boots quicker and easier. They might be waterproof but that doesn't mean sweaty socks because these boots are fully breathable.

Claim to innovation:

  • New ankle closure for improved fit

  • Reverse ratchet for easier adjustment

8. The Rev'it! Dominator jacket


This top-of-the-range jacket from Rev'it! features all the latest super fabrics from Gore-tex, it offers lots of protection and is also 100 per cent waterproof.

Claim to innovation: 

  • Possibly the best venting on a laminated jacket
  • Gore-tex Pro Talisman on the shoulders and elbow
  • Material that is both waterproof and abrasion resistant 

7. The Rev'it! Safe way belt


Sometimes the simple ideas are the best. If you're out riding in your jeans but want the strongest connection with your riding jacket then this belt offers the ideal solution. It's available in black or brown.

Claim to innovation:

  • Connects your Kevlar jeans to your motorcycle jacket
  • Delivers an extremely strong connection between the jacket and the jeans

6. The Dainese Kevlar jeans range


Often riders have to make a choice between style or comfort and protection. Dainese has teamed-up with fashion designers Diesel to create a range of jeans offering Kevlar protection but without offending Italian sartorial elegance. 

Claim to innovation: 

  • Designer jeans with Kevlar
  • The range was co-created with the help of Diesel

5. The Held Kiruna gloves


Nothing is as miserable as riding with cold hands. These winter gloves from Held are completely waterproof, breathable and also offer padding and protection.

Claim to innovation:

  • Outdry is a durable lamination process to gloves making them absolutely waterproof so thay cannot soak up water

4. Alpinestars district boots


Half trainers/half bike boots, these hybrids are the perfect compromise when you want the protection of a bike boot but the comfort and practicality of a pair of your favourite trainers.

Claim to innovation:

  • Trainer sole
  • Ankle cut but looks like motorbike boots

3. Bobster over the glasses goggles


These goggles are specially designed for prescription glasses wearers. The goggles come with a special groove set into it that accommodates space for standard prescription glasses so you can still see the distance or your phone without having to take the goggles off. 

Claim to innovation:

  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Great for prescription glasses wearers 

2. The Merlin Outlast Voyager jacket


Whenever a product can claim it features NASA technology it's always going to be a good thing. This bike jacket features an Outlast lining stores heat like a battery, only releasing it when the body temperature cools.

Claim to innovation:

  • Motorcycle jacket with Outlast lining
  • Technology developed for NASA
  • Outlast stores heat for when you need it most

1. Alpinestars Nucleon armour collection

£152.97 for the set

This collection includes a back protector, chest protector, and even a tail bone protector. Promising the highest level of CE protection, this range is specially designed for road racers. It snaps quickly into any Alpinestars suit or jacket made after 2012 and promises not to leave you with a sweaty back in the heat. 

Claim to innovation:

  • First all-around body modular system including chest protector
  • Highly vented
  • Hard shell and viscoelastic memory foam combination makes for excellent impact protection 

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