Top 10 European motorcycle markets

Which countries are the most motorcycle-mad in the EU?

Top 10 European motorcycle markets

EUROPE'S bike sales might pale in comparison to the millions of two-wheelers that hit the roads in Asia each year. But our preference for high-end machines rather than bargain-basement scooters means we’re still one of the world’s most important markets.

But which European country is the maddest for bikes?

Just to be clear, we’re using figures for full-on motorcycles here, not mopeds, quads or anything else.

10: Poland: 15,025 bikes registered in 2017

For a nation of nearly 38 million, the figure of 15,025 motorcycles sold is pretty low – around one new bike sold for every 2500 people in the country in 2017. It marks a massive decline compared to 2016, too, when ​more than 25,000 bikes were registered. However, the overall trend is towards rising big-bike sales, as in 2013 only 7,394 found new owners in the country.


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