Top 10 Ducati dream garage

Dream bike collections don't get much better than this. And this lot are owned by just one collector. Step inside...

Meet Jack Gratton, an entrepreneur and businessman with a taste for just one exotic brand; Ducati. Strictly SP and R models, you understand.

Jack has amassed an enviable collection. As an owner of 10 exclusive models, Jack is already on his way to creating his dream garage. But like any obsessed collector, he isn't done yet.

Here is our pick of the best Ducatis from his collection. How does your garage compare?

1991 Ducati 888 SP3

Is this the best-looking bike of the lot? Same as the SP2, big white number board on the back, although the fuel tank is re-modelled to allow the rider more movement and the calipers are uprated for improved stopping power.

Power: 112bhp Weight: 188kg Top speed: 135mph

1992 Ducati 888 SP4

This model is the last of the fully Öhlins-suspended SP models. With valve sizes bigger than the SP3, the super limited edition SP4S had a Corsa race engine and only 12 of these models were ever built, making them extremely rare. The bodywork has changed significantly from SP3, frame and running gear the same.

Power: 114bhp Weight: 184kg Top speed: 142mph

1993 Ducati 888 SP5

More midrange power with a bigger kick above 9,000rpm and the brakes pack more punch. New 5-spoke Marchesini wheels are lighter, although this bike actually steered slower than the early SP models. All-new trellis frame uses smaller-bore tubing, rear caliper is now underslung, the end of the 888 evolution.

Power: 118bhp Weight: 184kg Top speed: 144mph

1996 Ducati Foggy Rep 996 SPS

What a leap forward. Tiny and svelte between your legs, scythe-like handling. This was a UK-only homologation special for WSB. Had a different headstock to allow a bigger airbox, wider air-intake tubes, and came with a fancy Termignoni titanium exhaust and five-spoke Marchesini wheels. Silly stickers.

Power: 122bhp Weight: 191kg Top speed: 158mph

1997 Ducati 996 SPS

Öhlins forks and superior Brembo tackle replace the Showa items on earlier 916SP, with corresponding improvement in handling. Wonderfully sharp steering, incredible mid-corner handling, astonishingly uncomfortable in anything other than full attack-mode. Possible to use all the power on the road.

Power: 122bhp Weight: 193kg Top speed: 160mph

2000 Ducati 998 R

999ccs of narrow-head genius in the Testastretta engine. Squarer bore, more revs, enclosed bodywork, bulbous tail unit, outrageous 140bhp, the first of the truly savage Ducatis. At 9,000rpm this thing bloody takes off at lightening speed. Based on our test, we think it's an absolutely glorious bike to ride.

Power: 140bhp Weight: 192kg Top speed: 172mph

2003 Ducati 999 R

Completely different in look, feel and sound. Same engine as the 998R but now in Terreblanche’s bizarre bodywork. Reviews at the time slammed its ugly looks, but it’s a proper goer today. Easy to ride hard, incredibly slim between your legs, loads of power, proper brakes and it sounds amazing. The surprise of the pack.

Power: 142bhp Weight: 188kg Top speed: 171mph

2008 Ducati 1098 R

Holy shit - we’re scared. Capacity is now 1,198cc, claimed power is up to 186bhp with the big-bore Termignoni pipes, outrageously light Marchesini wheels and huge Brembo monobloc calipers. To ride, the 1098R is in a different league of mentalism to any of its predecessors, far madder than the Desmo RR.

Power: 171bhp Weight: 182kg Top speed: 186mph

2009 Ducati Desmo

990cc V-four with desmodromic valves, sounds like tearing aluminium with the 102db exhaust fitted. Which is an extra £6,500. Suspension is nigh on solid, hideously uncomfortable, brakes are outrageous, no midrange as all the power is packed into the top end. We think it's worth the money for the noise alone.

Power: 200bhp Weight: 184kg Top speed: 186mph

Thats it. What do you think of Jack's collection?  Continue to read our feature of Jack's Pack.

1990 Ducati 888 SP2

Only 110bhp at the back wheel but each horsepower is full of character. More noise comes out of the airbox than the exhausts. Old-school sit ‘in’ rather than ‘on’ ride position. Steering is quicker than the later SP models, engine gets going at 5,000rpm and stops dead at 9,500. 140mph maximum on the clocks.

Power: 110bhp Weight: 188kg Top speed: 134mph