Top 10 biggest bike recalls

Thousands of bikes are recalled every year; here are the biggest ones on record

THERE are two ways to look at recalls. Pessimists see them as an admission of a failure on the part of the manufacturer in either the development or production of the bike. Optimists applaud positive preventative action from responsible bike firms.

Which camp you fall in is likely to depend on how well your bike’s maker has dealt with recalls, because the fact is that these days most new models seem to be subject to a recall of some form or other.

If you have any of the bikes listed here, particularly if you got it second-hand, it’s probably worth checking that the recall work has been done.

Bear in mind that these figures don’t represent the ‘severity’ of a recall, just how many bikes were involved – so popular models are likely to be over-represented simply because more of them were sold. The recalls also aren’t a reason to fear these bike; they show that faults have been remedied, rather than left alone.

The figures and info here come from the UK’s official list of recalls. If you want to check whether your own bike has been hit by one of these recalls, or any other recall for that matter, you can check online.

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