Top 10 most common bikes on UK roads

Government figures throw up some surprises

IT'S always easy to find out the best-selling bikes each year but that information gives us no insight into how well those machines will last.

So we’ve turned to the Department for Transport’s in-depth breakdown of vehicles that are currently licenced and on the road to get an idea of exactly what’s out there. As well as reflecting what’s selling, the figures tell us how well bikes are faring as they mature into old age.

While some of the machines on the list come as no surprise – yes, the BMW R1200GS is on there – there are others that we would never have guessed would make it into the top 10. Read our countdown to see which they are. Starting with...

10: BMW R1200 RT (6,166)

No surprise to see BMW cropping up on this list, although the R 1200 RT isn’t the first bike to spring to mind in terms of outright commonness. The single most common model year, as of the end of 2016, was the 2015 version with 658 on the road, but with at least 300 of every model year since 2005 still in use, there’s clearly some longevity on display here.

Read our BMW R1200 RT first-ride review.



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