10 Christmas gift ideas for bikers, with GetGeared

Struggling to think of a present idea? Take inspiration from our list.

10 Christmas gift ideas for bikers, with GetGeared

THE trouble with any keen motorcyclist is they already spend loads of money on every accessory they can think of, making choosing a Christmas present tricky.

But there’s always something they want but don’t yet have. Take inspiration from our 10 biker Christmas prezzie ideas, with GetGeared.

1. Bruhl motorcycle dryer

Okay, it sounds crazy at first, but it’s not. Let’s say you get in after a wet, winter ride and park your bike in the garage. The next morning, you open the garage door to find it’s still wet. Repeat the process and your bike is effectively never dry.

Unless you pop this on for 10 minutes after parking, or after cleaning, so you can get rid of streaks, polish it and get on with your life. It’s got a waterproof outdoor plug, so you could use it to dry a bike before putting a cover on it, too.

It’s exactly the sort of thing motorcyclists don’t know they want until they get.

There are three sizes, delivering different air speeds and output temperatures, and it comes with four nozzles.

Price: £88


2. Outdoor Technology Buckshot Mini Wireless Speaker

You don’t need a £23,000 Honda Gold Wing to have a sound-system on your bike anymore. Nowadays it’s much cheaper to annoy everyone with your terrible music taste.

This Bluetooth speaker mounts to a handlebar with a rubber strap-type bracket and can send quality sound up to 32 feet, despite being small enough to fit in a pocket.

It gives 17 hours of playtime on a charge and it’s dust and water resistant. Ideal for taking music with you on your town commute as an alternative to speakers or earphones in your helmet.

Price: £39.99


3. Outdoor Technology Tags Wireless Earbuds

…However, if the motorcyclist you’re buying for likes really bad music, perhaps Katy Perry, you might want them to keep it to themselves.

In which case, avoid the Bluetooth handlebar speaker at number two and go for these Bluetooth headphones.

With the only wire being the one that runs between them, it’s got to be the simplest way to pump music from your phone into your helmet.

They play for six hours on one charge and have a built in mic, so you can tell any callers to get lost because you’re riding and listening to tunes.  

Price: £49.99


4. Alpinestars Celsius Heated Gloves

Heated grips are great but don’t warm your hands all over. Heated gloves do, and you don’t have to mess about fitting them to your bike.

These Alpinestars ones have a waterproof, breathable membrane, knuckle armour, stretch panels and a leather palm

They’re currently offered with a free temperature controller, normally priced at £59.99.

Price: £149.99


5. Held Biker Baby-Grow Bodysuit

For the very small motorcyclist (or would-be motorcyclist) in your life.

Get them out of that generic baby-grow. Show everyone you have no idea where motorcycling stops and the rest of life starts by putting them in this one.

It’s 100% cotton and comes with lots of detailing and badges, two pockets and an integrated hood.

It’s available in sizes to suit three months to three years. That’s years of childhood photos of them looking like they’ve just done a track day. They’re sure to thank you for that one day.

Price: £34.99


6. Held Jumpsuit Replica Onesie

You’ve just got home and got out of those uncomfortable one-piece leathers. What do you put on instead?

That’s right. Some one-piece cotton leathers.

These onsies made from Held come with pockets and an integrated hood.

They’re available in sizes up to 4XL, so however big the motorcyclist you’re buying for, there’s one to fit.

Tip: don’t let them leave the house in it.

Price: £59.99


7. Oxford Hot Grips Classic Heated Grips

Provided they don’t have heated grips already, you can’t go wrong with these. Once tried, heated grips are a never-going-back accessory which they will thank you for introducing to their lives.

These ones, for 22mm bars, come with a heat controller with multiple settings, from warm to hotter than a fried sausage.

They’ve also got a battery charge protection feature.

Price: £75.99


8. Oxford Aquatex Cover

For the motorcyclist who doesn’t have a garage (which is probably most of us) this affordable cover is an alternative way to prolong a bike’s life. And who doesn’t want that?

It’s got double-stitched seams and a strap which passes under the elasticated base to keep it in place. Conveniently positioned holes mean you can lock it and your bike together, and it folds into a carry bag when not in use.

The camouflage colours will prove useful on those inevitable occasions when you need to keep your bike dry and dust-free in a woodland warfare situation.

Price: £24.99


9. Alpinestars Open Face Balaclava

If you’ve ever ridden in freezing fog, you will know that the slow build-up of layer-upon-layer of solid ice over your chin and neck gets a little uncomfortable after while.

So we all need one of these in winter. Unlike most, this one doesn’t make you look like a sock puppet with a human face, as it’s from Aplinestars, who make everything look nice.

Price: £18.99


10. Gift vouchers

Nothing in that lot they’d want? Then check out more gift ideas from GetGeared or get them some vouchers. Everyone can use gift vouchers, even intolerable fusspots.