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10 of the best motorcycles for big wheelies

If you like to hoik the front at any given opportunity, then these bikes are for you

Ben Cope's picture
Submitted by Ben Cope on Fri, 15/07/2011 - 10:14

Wheelies: they're not big and they're not clever but they are a lot of fun.

My first bike was a TZR125 and on asking if I could wheelie it, a friend said to me: 'If it's got two wheels, it'll wheelie'.

That's a mantra I've enjoyed testing out for the last decade. For the large part, he was right.

In my 10 years of riding, I've ridden over 200 different motorcycles and almost all of them have had their front wheel aloft. Power isn't a straight route to wheelies, although it does help. Some bikes have the motor to wheelie almost anytime, any place but don't feel at home on the back wheel. So this is my pick of the best bikes for big wheelies: the bikes that appear to have had it factored into their design brief and the ones that flatter even the most ham-fisted attempts to hoist the front.

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