Carl Fogarty Interview - Visordown Issue 5

What's he been up to? Will Toseland win WSB? What's this about a Porsche 911 Turbo?

In Issue 5 of Visordown magazine, on sale 27th Nov 2009, we caught up with Carl Fogarty. Here are a handful of questions, grab the mag to see the answers to others, including: who he tips for MotoGP 2010, what he does for money and whether he's still supstitious.

What are you up to?

Busy year, really. It’s been a bit quiet for the last two years, my choice really. It’s ten  ears since I last raced. Me, Mike Hailwood, and Barry Sheene became household names and it took a while before Barry was liked again. He upped sticks and said a lot of stuff about people that they resented. It was 10-15 years after that he became liked again. Maybe the same’s happeneing with me, I don’t know. I’ve been opening classic bike shows, heading parades, TT, Hockenheim, Ulster GP, Ducati shoots, launching Foggy X-lite replicas – it’s all kicking off again.

Shark (helmets) became a bit hard to deal with and my contract came to an end. Just trying to get people to ring back or respond to e-mails was impossible towards the end. I liked listening to X-lite, they make everything themselves, and they got it all done. I’ve signed a three-year contract with them and my lid’s part of their legends series. But the way I’ve got busy is weird. Maybe it’s because I’ve just kept my head down for a few years.

Is Toseland going to win WSB?

I really don’t know. I hope he does, good luck to him. He’s regarded as Britain’s best rider but I have to think about it and say it’s probably Johnny Rea who takes that crown. Cal is going to be going to be good I think. Whitham thinks Cal will beat Toseland so maybe James won’t have an easy time next year. I like James a lot, he’s a fine lad. Johnny’s still only 22. A lot of people don’t like Johnny so that rings a few bells with me

What are the three best things you did in 2009?

Getting a mega deal on a Porsche 911 turbo – I practically fucking stole it. Buying a Seadoo speedboat off eBay dead cheap… we go wakeboarding in the Irish sea near Anglesey. And buying the Ducati Hypermotard, it’s the mega deal thing that turns me on.

Read the full interview in Issue 5 of Visordown magazine, on sale 27th Nov 2009