20 Questions... Barry Nutley

Former International Sidecross superhero and ITV's BSB commentator

Former International Sidecross superhero and ITV's BSB commentator.

1. What bike would you be?
A new 999 cos it's slim and sexy

2. Describe yourself in one word

3. What's the most embarrassing bike you've lusted over?
A Vespa GS150 in the 60s

4. What were you riding and where when you first topped 100mph?
BSA Goldstar, Henley Road, Reading, way back in 1960

5. What should the speed limit be on an empty motorway?

6. What's the fastest you've ever ridden on a public highway?
145mph, in Spain

7. What's your favourite road?
A5 through Wales to Holyhead

8. The most you'd spend on a bike?
I've just bought a Ural for £1000

9. Who do you admire in biking?
Mike Hailwood, without question

10. What would you do with your last gallon of fuel?
Go to the pub

11. What bikes would you like to own if money were no object?
Classic scramblers - a Matchless Matisse or Cheney Goldstar

12. What's the maddest thing you've done on a bike?
I went on a scooter tour and ended up towing my friend's Lambretta back from Switzerland. 150 miles short of Calais the police stopped us and made us leave it

13. Ever spent a night in jail?

14. What's on the horizon for you?
Hopefully more journalism and TV

15. What are you reading?
Albert Speer's Inside the Third Reich

16. Your proudest achievement?
I was a sidecross pillion for 10 years and won a GP in 1978. The Austrian round was rained off so the entry relocated to Gunsberg. We woke up to find the paddock filled with GP runners. It was nice to win that one!

17. Do motorcycles inform your work and, if so, in what way?
Motorcycles are my work, so yes, in every way

18. If you could switch careers, what would you do?
A successful pop singer

19. Are you paid enough?

20. What would your epitaph to be?
Lived life to the full