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In search of excitement with a Deauville

Courting death, danger and drudgery, Urry dons a heart monitor to see if Honda's vapid but virtuous NT700V Deauville can raise a beat

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By Jon Urry on Tue, 26 Oct 2010 - 12:10

In search of excitement with a Deauville

The Honda Deauville. Not a name to instil excitement.

"What do you ride?"

"A Deauville, baby. Want to hop on and see the world?"

"Err, no thanks. I'd rather take the bus."

But what is it that gives a bike such a reputation? Why do so many perceive riding Honda's do-it-all workhorse as a mind-numbing experience? Take the name - Deauville is a French seaside town (think Blackpool with frogs' legs and 'embrassez-moi vite' hats), and the name is a little too close to 'Dullsville' for the wags not to pick up on.

Then there's the colour. Beige. A bike should never, ever, be available in beige. Okay, Honda tries to pretend it isn't really beige by calling it 'dusk beige', but beige is beige, no matter what you call it. And as for the styling... Hardly inspirational, is it?

But can riding one really be so uninspiring? These things sell well, so what do owners get out of them? There must be a way of finding excitement on a Deauville so, in an effort to either quash or confirm the Honda's reputation, I set out on a week of discovery armed with a Deauville and a heart rate monitor.

Setting a baseline

Peak heart rate: 80bpm Average heart rate: 68bpm

Heart rate monitor strapped to my manly chest and it's time to see what my resting rate is. A cold beer and a seat outside in the sun should be enough to calm me right down. Setting a gentle 68bpm it strikes me I have no idea what a good heart rate actually is. Has a regime of curry and no exercise turned the old ticker into a ticking bomb? That 68 sounds quite high to me, and with these thoughts it's increasing to 80! A call to a sporty mate reassures me I'm not on the brink of a quadruple bypass and everything is okay. Relaxing again I eye my Fosters: might have to move off the Aussie champagne to a more healthy Bud light. Or I could eat less. I'll think about it over another beer.

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