The really, really fast rider's toolkit

Fast road rider? Then you've probably got all these already


Patience: know when the time is right to press on and, more
importantly, know when it isn't. It's a curse but we have to share the roads we ride and the world we live in with others. Know when to back off and give someone else the time and space they need. And know there's always tomorrow/next weekend/next
summer to enjoy

Luck: it may or may not exist, but if it does it's the 'good' variety you're after. If yours has erred to the 'bad' of late, perhaps it's best to go steady for the time being until life's on the mend

Caution: sometimes things just don't feel quite right for really fast riding. The problem may be in your head or out there in the real world, it may be something small that's there, then gone, or something big that won't go away. An obstacle in your mind is as important as one on the road. Either way, if the Spidey sense is tingling, pay heed 

Understanding: understand how things work and you're better placed to get the best out of them and use them to your advantage. 'Things' can be motorcycles, or tyres, or suspension, or traffic light phasings, or flows of vehicles at junctions, or the effect of the first rays of sunlight on cool, damp pre-dawn air - all stuff that affects us when we ride.


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