Mackenzie's Knee down how-to

So you wanna get your knee down? Of course you do, so Niall tells you how

Best place to go is a decent roundabout, preferably at a quiet time of the day and one that isn't too busy - city centers and motorway junctions are best avoided...

A nice sunny day helps too, just because there's so much more grip about. Make sure your tyre pressures are correct, and take a few minutes to warm yourself and the bike up en route to your roundabout of choice. And when you get there don't go banzai straight away, take a few laps to familiarize yourself with the layout, make sure the surface is diesel/cow shit/gravel free and give your tyres a chance to get some heat in them.

Now we're ready for action. Keep the bike in a relatively high gear so your not revving the nuts off the thing and also it'll help you hold a more balanced throttle, and as you go round, gently shift off the seat so you've at least one cheek off.

Make sure you're riding on the balls of your feet too, and point your inside knee at the tarmac - stick it out way further than you would hanging off on the road. Don't look at it, concentrate on the roundabout ahead and any traffic that might be coming. Oh, and stay loose on the bike.

Now keep going. Hanging off like this feels weird at first, but believe me, when you think you're off a long way, chances are you're not so just hang off further. Eventually, your knee will go down, you'll be pleased as punch and will probably wonder what all the fuss was about. After all, you are now a knee down god.