Five tips for that overseas trip from the IAM

Essential tips for riding abroad from the Institute of Advanced Motorists

Five tips for that overseas trip from the IAM

EVERY week the Institute of Advanced Motorists issues a set of safety tips, covering anything from horse riding to skateboarding. 

Well, okay, not skateboarding. 

Anyway, this week they happened to be on taking a motorcycling trip abroad, something we imagine many of you are planning to do right about now. So we thought we'd bring them straight to you. 

Here goes...

'Finding the time to take a trip abroad can be a challenge but many of us look forward to it. It can be a huge task especially for motorcycle users abroad. This week’s tips give advice on riding abroad from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman.

motorcycle puncture repair kit.jpg

1. Carry an emergency kit. This can consist of spare light bulbs, a continental adapter to help charge your mobile or other electrical items you may carry during your journey and tie downs which are useful on ferry journeys to ensure your bike is secure and isn’t going to move. Make sure you are there when it is strapped to avoid accidental damage [Visordown: plus a puncture repair kit, eh].

Make sure you have the right insurance; policies normally have a European extension but you need to check. In the event of a breakdown you want to make sure you have international coverage and also know what numbers and companies to get in touch with. Make sure you check the finer details of what the policy actually covers.

Plan your journey. Some sat navs do not function internationally and unless you have a lot of data it can be costly using your phone as a navigation system. It is better to go old school, use a map and know where you are going prior to setting off.

Make sure you have the right documentation. We recommend taking your full driving licence, your insurance documents, both bike and travel documents, you vehicle registration certificate and lastly European Health Insurance Cards and passports, dependent on your destination.

Check your machine before you leave. If you are not up-to-date with your bike servicing we recommend going in for a service to avoid any problems whilst on your trip. Remember the tyres; they need to be legal at the end of the trip not just the start.'

The Insitute of Advanced Motorists