Five tips to help you avoid crashing on a track day

Because tracks are more fun when you're on them

By Alan Dowds

TRACK DAYS are great. There's nothing to match riding flat-out, on smooth, grippy asphalt, with no worries about cops or cameras, and in (relative) safety.

But it's not totally without risk of course – and crashes can and will happen. Here's five things to think about when you next hit the circuit, that'll hopefully help you avoid the gravel traps…

1: Perfect prep prevents p**s-poor performance

The last thing you want on track is a bike malfunction. But we see it all too often at tracks. From bits actually falling off to chains coming off sprockets and worn brake pads giving up, your bike will be getting a proper hard time. So make sure it’s up to it – check the basics. Tyres should be at proper track pressures and in good nick, chain properly adjusted, brakes serviced, and everything solidly bolted on! Bonus points for lockwired sump plugs and oil filters…

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