Your KTM 200 Duke questions, answered

We asked you to ask us what it was you wanted to know about KTM's 200 Duke. In the spirit of KTM we farmed it out to our Visordown call centre in India. Here are your answers please.

Yesterday we picked up KTM's 200 Duke and took it for a spin. We asked you on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/visordown/ if you had any questions. You did and so here are our answers.

Taylor Archer Very childish i know but, what is the KTM 200 Duke's top speed?
It hits the limiter in top at 85mph, chin on the tank and bum on the rear seat at the time.

Ruslan Tovberg Is it feel like bike with power ?
It's got plenty to get you moving and will overtake cars on country roads without requiring a stretch of tarmac long enough to land an 747.

Adam Abel Do you think you can handle it Ben?
The smaller the capacity, the more dangerous the riding. The odds were against me on this one.

Richard Smaller Coughlan What's the saddle height? I'm a shortie and this makes all the difference to my confidence when stopped or riding slowly! I could see myself riding something like this when I get older. As long as it can keep up a constant 75mph?
810mm, which is reasonably low but not the lowest out there. the seat itself is thin which I know is good if you're short of leg. It's also light which helps if you can only get one foot down. See our 200 Duke review for a picture of me on the bike.

Daniel Hinds Yea, same as above, whats the top end, whats the rrp and how does it handle and go compared to a 125. Cheers, i'm looking for a new country lane commuter.
£3995, good for country lanes. Again check out the review.

Richard Smaller Coughlan Also will there be a 350cc version?
KTM said they're working on a 400cc (ish) engine to fit into the same chassis.

Gareth Deacon Does it wheelie?
It has two wheels, it can wheelie.

Kirtesh Lad Looks like fun!
Yup, it's the sort of bike that reminds me why I love riding in the first place.

Paul Stringer Will it fit in your pocket?
Yes, if you have big enough pockets.

David Windhorst Looking forward to a 350 version in the USA.
Fingers crossed KTM take one over there.

Christopher North Ben, where do you get your hair cut?
A place in Islington, staffed by Estonian ladies of the night who do it to keep the tax-man at bay.

Paul O'Toole Another commuter question, as I reckon that is where this will find an audience, mpg, tank range and comfort? Mirrors any good?
Good mirrors, decent fuel consumption, but it would be better if you put taller gearing on. I'd happily commute 50 miles a day on it.

Robert Campbell I know it's a commuter/fun bike, but would it be suitable for a 200 miles scratch? Tank range too! Cheers:)
It depends if you're used to bigger bikes. the occasional 200 mile day would be great if you chose twisty roads. I'm not sure 200 miles along fast A-roads would be that enjoyable - you'd be close to flat out everywhere.

Richard Cheesman Will it blend?
Richard, buy one and we'll arrange a blender and video camera and let you know.

Steve Inked Tomlinson Lovely bikes the baby dukes but they're both screaming for a tail tidy.....
If you owned one, you'd be forking out your hard-earned on the grips and tyres before you sorted out the number-plate hanger.

Spencer Elver Does it do 200 miles to a tank?
It would, if you were half-sensible. Flat-stick it will do around 150.

Bruce Masson Is this a convincing town bike even for an experienced rider?
With a pipe and taller gearing I don't see why not. I would have swapped my Explorer 1200 + panniers for a 200 Duke on this morning's commute into Central London.

Herve LePabic So is it much faster than a 125?
We reckon the 125 does 67mph flat, the 200 85mph. But the 200 gets up to 80 with ease, it's always the last 5mph. Down a country road I reckon the 125 would struggle to keep with the 200.

Matt Baylis-Jones How about flying to India buying one and riding it back? Bet it would be cheaper?
Sort me out a plane ticket and I'll do it.

Alex Mitchell Yeah why is it 3 times the price in the UK!
KTM UK said they wish they could get the price down but by the time it's been shipped to Europe, with taxes, then checked at KTM in Austria and shipped to the UK, the price stacks up. No doubt finance deals will be available in a few months.

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